Law firm Vinke Advocatuur in Hoofddorp.

Lawyer Peter Vinke is already some 30 years engaged in family law. Vinke Advocatuur is a firm in Hoofddorp and provides individuals with advice. We offer legal assistance to individuals on the basis of funded legal aid or paying.

Family Law
Vinke advocatuur specialises in the law of persons and family law as regulated by the Dutch Civil Code. It covers a wide range of topics. Our divorce expertise:

  • Divorce, both nationally and internationally (expats)
  • Child and spousal maintenance( Alimony)
  • The termination of living together (with or without contract)
  • The termination of registered partnership
  • The division of the community property/settlement of the marriage contract
  • The division of the care and parenting duties/contact arrangements
  • The drafting of the parenting plan
  • Authority and custody
  • The determination and denial of paternity
  • Adoption
  • Surrogate motherhood

Vinke Haarlemmermeer Advocatuur provides legal aid in the larger Hoofddorp area and will provide an estimate of your particular situation based on his many years of experience and expertise. We then provide you with advice for your best course of action. It is very important for you to make the right choices early on as these greatly impact your case.

Your first advice is always free of charge! If you wish to have a quick legal scan of your problem, please contact us for advice, free of charge. This will give you an indication of which legal solution is feasible for your problem.

It is possible to apply for a subsidy on the basis of the Legal Aid Act for further activities or procedures, which means you could potentially receive a significant part of the lawyer’s fee. This is referred to as an attachment. You contribution will, in that case, depend on your income. Mr Peter Vinke is member of the Legal Aid Council and can assist on the basis of such an attachment.

For assistance outside of office hours, you can reach us 24 hours a day by calling Tel: +3123-5554243. Outside of office hours +31-622220906


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